Monday, July 11, 2011

Dr. Visit

Today was Dominic's two week check-up on his arm.
For some reason they scheduled our visit on a Monday. I've never worked at an office or heard of one that isn't crazy busy on Mondays. This office was no exception. We waited over an hour before being shown to a room. After two doctors talked with us and more x-rays were taken we finally left two hours later.
I was so impressed with how well the kids behaved. We read books, watched tv and looked at magazines. They were quiet and still for almost the entire time, even when we ran into lunch time.

But all the waiting aside, Dominic's arm is healing really well. In fact, the doctor said he is actually a week ahead of schedule as far as healing goes. He still has to wear the cast, but has permission to take it off for his water birthday party.
We return in three more weeks for another visit and x-rays.
The doctor said that we are looking at approx. 8 weeks before the cast comes off. 
So Dominic is very likely going to start his first day of school with a cast. 
I keep reminding myself that he's a typical boy and it could have been a TON worse.

(Only click on that link if you have a strong stomach!)

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