Saturday, June 9, 2012

Birthday Photo Shoot

My brother's 30th birthday is tomorrow. So today we headed over to my parent's house to help him celebrate. My mom called me yesterday and told me that she wanted a picture of her grandchildren for her birthday (in July). So I brought my camera and tried to get four little kids to be still and smile. Not an easy job.
Your smiles are cute, but too cheesy.
 Why don't you think of something funny.
Like poop!
. . . After about 10 pictures of them dying laughing
Okay now be serious.
My mom is going to get a picture that showcases her grandchildren perfectly.
Adorable and goofy.
Okay! Perfect.
My brother setting up his target. He was shooting when we needed his spot for the pictures. So he's getting it set up to start again.
 Somebody loves her grandpa.
 We had a really great time.
Happy Birthday baby brother!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming up it was really good to see you guys! It was nice to have the whole gang in one spot.