Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vacation Bible School

Jon and I have both been "working" VBS this year. Between the late nights and prep work we haven't had a whole lot of time. So this post is just to let you know we are still alive and enjoying VBS. 
I'm the photographer and have been getting some great shots of all the kids this week. 
Here are a few.

I took pictures of the kids acting out what they were learning each night and put it into a slide show that they could watch at the end of each evening. They are loving it. I'm getting stopped in the halls with little people begging to have their picture taken.
 Wild child!!!
 Caitlin and Jon were in the same tribe.
 Perhaps the chocolate "locust" might have contributed to the wild.
 playing a game
 showing me her money and treasures
We are really enjoying this year. Well, Jon might not be. =)
The theme is the 12 tribes of Israel and the story of Daniel. 
Each night they learn a bit more about Daniel.
They are given coins to spend at the market. At the market they can purchase food, crafts (that they make) and I think they use the coins to see the animals. We've had some type of live farm animal(s) each night. Dominic wasn't too fond of the pig. =)
We are not getting enough sleep, missing a few meals (due to wonky schedules) and are a bit crazy feeling. But the kids are loving it and that is what counts.

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