Sunday, June 3, 2012

Camp Meeting I

Camp meeting this year was different than last year for several reasons.
1. We are in a new house. I was afraid we would lose our house last year and so went ahead and rented another one. Sure enough. We found out this week that we would have lost it.
2. We had different people staying with us. We try to take one new family/couple each year and introduce them to Carolina camp meeting. So far they 've all returned. =)
3. Jon didn't have enough vacation time (due to Thailand) to stay all week. So it was just the kids and I for most of the week.
4. The families staying with us asked that I cook the meals and they pay me. They were all very good about helping with prep, dishes and cleaning. But it was definitely something that put restrictions on my time.
Despite all of the different things, we really enjoyed ourselves. Because I was by myself with the kids and tied to the house for two meals a day, I didn't get as many photos as I'd hoped to get. But I was able to sneak in a few good ones.

The house was huge and had several different eating places. Two of them outside. The weather was gorgeous all week, so we took advantage of the outdoors every chance we had.
 These two got along great (for the most part) and were so incredibly cute together.
I have no idea what they were discussing under the table, but they were under there for quite a while.
The sunroom was one of the favorite spots for the kids.
It was great, because the adults could eat outside and still see the kids through the window.
 Photo shoot while we waited to pick Dominic up from his meeting.
 The water was irresistible.
 I love this picture of them. Dominic had scraped his forehead and the purple and green band-aide is the one that he chose. Naturally this was when he had to sing up front later that evening.
 We took lots of trolley rides and ate tons of popsicles.
 On the way back to the house one morning we saw a fire truck spraying water into the lake. Caitlin asked to stop and I'm so glad she did. I got some great photos, even though it was with my point and shoot.
I'll post some more on my other blog.

 Caitlin was in a new class this year. It was wonderful. The teacher was Ryan Ashlock (one of the people we went to see in Thailand). He's great with kids and it helped Caitlin that she already knew him.
The theme for the week was Jesus loves all the children of the world.
 Rolling out pies
 Caitlin loved the part when she got to hold a stuffed animal.
The kids were really good. Well except for going to bed. That was a bit rough. The time change was not easy for them. But after some dire threats of no popsicles they learned to stay in their beds.
They enjoyed their meetings and every other aspect of camp meeting. We just missed Jon.
Stayed tuned for part II.

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