Sunday, May 27, 2012

Random moments

This past week has been Dominic's first week of summer vacation. The first morning he woke us up at a crazy early time. I explained sleeping in on vacation with him and the next morning he slept til 8:15am and Caitlin til 8:30am. This is unheard of in our house.

Another morning this week I was woken up very quickly when these words pierced my sleepy mind.
"Wow! Mom is going to be surprised when she sees you!"
 They were making her a Hawaiian girl.
 I have the sweetest kids.
Guess I shot out of bed for nothing.

Notice band-aid on Dominic's chin? There is a story with that.
Right before lunch the day before Dominic had been running around the circle in his sock feet. He bit the dust and landed on his chin. It hurt him for quite some time, but he was pain free by evening.
Right before bedtime Caitlin needed a small band-aide. I'm not super strict about when to give band-aides. But I told Dominic to find me an owie. Dominic was frantically searching for a place to put one. He debated about a tiny, red spot on his arm until he remembered his chin.

Another sweet moment.
I went to book club and returned to see a note on the door.

 I think I might have mentioned it, but my kids are the sweetest kids.

Today Jon took the kids out in the kayak with some friends. I stayed home to go shoot some pictures and relax. When they returned Jon made the comment that we had some really great kids. Apparently they were so good, one of the other boaters even commented on it.

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