Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Field Trip

Life has been so incredibly busy that I haven't had a whole lot of time to be posting blogs. So please forgive me for this blog post being out of order.

On Wednesday before school got out Dominic's school headed back to the zoo. His classroom has a prayer board that they put prayer requests on. When a prayer has been answered they move the request to the answered side. Marissa had prayed that the school would get to go back to the zoo again this year. So to answer her prayer, someone sponsored another field trip for ACE.
I was kept very busy with an independent little girl who wanted to walk the entire time. Unfortunately she only has a slow speed. So I spend the entire day at the back of the line with her. I really didn't see Dominic most of the day. But they both had fun and that is what is most important.
 Grammy and Gramps joined us about lunch time and then came home with us for Dominic's graduation.
 Caitlin's favorite place at the playground.

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