Friday, May 18, 2012

The best teacher

I've mentioned this before, but we pray every morning in the car before we leave for school.
This morning I wanted to thank God for the great school year so I just went ahead and prayed. After I finished Dominic asked if he could pray as well. Here is his prayer.
"Dear God, Thank you for the nice day and that it's the last day of school. Thank you that I'm going to have a fun summer. And thank you for my teacher, cause she's really, really good. And I like her. And thank you that I HAD a teacher so I didn't have to teach myself. Amen."

I guess I know where I stand. =)

I returned home and received this text -
You have the sweetest son. For bellwork they are writing what their favorite part of the year was and he put "My favorite part of the year was being with you."

Dominic truly had the best teacher this year. And I'm not just saying that because she's my friend. Dominic has flourished under her care at school and I've thanked God multiple times that he has her for two more years. He will have a great teacher when he leaves that room. But I know that he loves Beth-Anne and that she has been good for him, so I'm thankful that he can continue with her next year.

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