Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day was unusual. Check out my other blog if you want a full description.

I get to celebrate Mother's Day because of my two precious children. They both light up my world and I'm so very thankful that I get to be their mommy. Somehow those two kids got all of the great genes that Jon and I have and the combination is amazing. (I'll be honest, they might also have gotten a stray bad one or two. But we aren't focusing on that.)

Yesterday evening when we returned home from Nashville the kids disappeared into the other room. A few minutes later they came out with this little package in their hands. It was actually in Dominic's hand and Caitlin was just itching to tell me what was inside.
Dominic - "Mom, we got you a present for Mother's day. Guess what it is?"
Caitlin - "IT'S A NECKLACE!!!"
Dominc - "CAITLIN! You aren't supposed to tell!"
But it was so cute and the smiles were so precious that I had to laugh.
It was a very sweet necklace that I'd been eying for a while at Poet's. (Thanks to my dear husband for helping quite a bit.)
Thank you to my dear sweet children who make each and every Mother's Day so special. 
And thank you to my wonderful husband who helps them - a lot!

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