Friday, May 11, 2012

On stage

Dominic has had a couple of activities that have put him up front or "on stage". So I thought I'd combine them. By combining them in one post you might also catch a glimpse of the extra crazy child he'd been this past week. I think I have a little boy in serious need of summer break.
 After receiving his certificate to graduate to the next level.
 I have blown this one up so you can see his expression.
 It cracks me up every time I see it. Crazy boy!
This was a "bad parent" moment for me. But still funny. The slide show was having some issues. So the director called the kids up to share what their favorite honor was for the year while we waited. Dominic wasn't sure which one he liked best so she tried looking at his sash to give him some ideas. Not one new honor had been put on his sash. Sigh! Bad mommy! I'll have to work on that before he starts back in the fall.
 Finally a serious face.
 We were missing about 5-8 kids, but a pretty good picture of our little Adventurer club.

The next day the school went to a nursing home to give a presentation.
These pictures don't show it as well, but he was just as crazy.
 Jumping for a song they were singing.
 Caitlin with her other mommy. 
She begs to go see Miss Leslie and Charlotte every day.
 Making fish faces instead of singing.
 Visiting with the residents.
It's a good thing that school is out next week. 
I'm not sure how long either he or his teacher can stand him. =)

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