Monday, May 21, 2012

Last Day of School

Graduation was on Thursday night. The kids returned to school for a half day on Friday.
Dominic and I were talking on Friday morning and Dominic announced that he wanted to buy Ms. Beth-Anne a wind chime. 
"Because she's special and I buy wind chimes for special people. Just like I did for you on Mother's Day." (He picked out wind chimes for me when he was 3 yrs old.)

He also told me that his lunch was to be only snacks and so he helped me pick out the snacks and chose a Little Debbie for part of his snack.

I went and found some wind chimes and then picked him up at noon.

He was wired. Between the special school snacks and his cookie he was off the charts wild.
Giving Ms. Beth-Anne his gift.
Saying good-bye to friends.
Hmm, I just noticed these pictures are all of girls. =)

Dominic is really looking forward to summer vacation, in part because of all of the fun things planned. But he's already mentioned that he wants to make sure and see his friends and teacher a lot this summer so he won't miss them.

I still can't believe my baby boy is a 1st grader.
Beginning of Kindergarten picture
End of Kindergarten picture

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Sharon said...

So cute :) I can't believe mine is going to be a 2nd grader!