Saturday, May 26, 2012


Our modem has been giving me fits. I've tried to write this post several times and every time the internet gives out on me. So once again, I'm out of order. 
I doubt this bothers anyone else as badly as it does me. =)

We bought a used kayak from a friend and were able to get it out on the water last Sunday.

Waiting on the guys to run the vehicles down to the take out.
 It didn't take long before the waiting moved to the water.
 Blurry picture, sorry! We'd had hoped that both kids could ride with us in the tandem kayak. It only took us a second to realize that they were bigger than we'd imagined.
Thankfully our friends had a spot we could plop a kid.
What you see in front of Dominic is a water pump. The main purpose was to pump water out of the boat. You can imagine what the kids thought the main purpose was.
Caitlin wanted to paddle so badly.
 But it's just too heavy to do for very long, so Daddy helped.
 Lunch break was spent getting soaked.
 About half way through our trip (a 9 mile ride) we started noticing dark clouds.
We ended up waiting out a nasty cloud under a bridge.
The kids were cold (from getting so wet at lunch).
Ms. Nicole had an iPhone so I was ditched in favor of technology.
 Boating down a river is one of the most serene and calming sports I know.
I'm so glad we bought that boat. It was money well spent.

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