Monday, June 25, 2012

Outdoor pics

Up until this week, the weather has been nice. Warm enough for water activities, but cool enough to sit in the shade and not completely melt. So trips to Dogwood Park and bike rides on the driveway were still options.

This fake smile cracks me up.
 Petting a toad we found in our back yard.
When we were done we put him in the garden so the dogs wouldn't kill him.
 Dominic helping Caitlin pet him.
 For some reason Dominic is pretending to be a zombie and chasing his little friend. She ran from him squealing, but was obviously not truly afraid of zombies. =)
Where in the world did he learn about zombies?
 For some reason they were slinging their hair around.
 They dressed alike. Caitlin is wearing Dominic's clothes.
 Complete with bandanas from VBS.

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