Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Birthday

My dad had his 60th birthday this last weekend and for many months now we've been planning a surprise birthday party for him.

Daddy is amazing at figuring out surprises so I knew I'd have to have a surprise within a surprise. We (the Murrell's) drove up on Friday evening. It was nice to spend a quiet Sabbath with my parents. We drove to a local park and spent the day.

My first surprise was going to be my grandparents coming. I arranged with my uncle to drive them up. They arrived on Sabbath evening and while my dad was expecting a surprise I don't think he was expecting them. We even had a dessert and sang happy birthday to him that evening to throw him off.

 He was still a bit suspicious though. So I ran with him on Sunday morning and then we "left". At least that is what we made it look like. Then we headed over to the building I had rented for the party.
My dad said he was expecting something, but as the day wore on and nothing happened he figured maybe he'd been wrong.

My grandparents told my dad they wanted to take him out to eat before they left. This was the ruse to get my dad to the party. He was definitely surprised.*
Happy 60th to a wonderful, amazing dad!!!
Love you Daddy!

*He told me that there was no way that we would be able to surprise him for his 70th since we'd pulled a surprise for his 50th and 60th. I guess he is planning on being incredibly suspicious. =)

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