Thursday, November 22, 2012

The race before the race.

On Sunday we headed to Nashville to do a little shopping and running. We met my dad so Dominic and I could run a race with him.
It was a race that was promoting healthy families so there were some kids activities.

The fun run was .75 miles and started 15 minutes before the 5k. But the finish line for the kids race was a bit from the start of the 5k. So I asked my dad to run with Dominic since I wasn't sure if I could run that much or that quickly. In the previous races Dominic has run at my pace. Turns out he can run under a 9 min mile. He ran that race in 6:42. 
Jon had to hurry as well to get the kids down close to the start to get pictures. 
There were over 8000 people running that race so the first several shots had people blocking his view.
This is the only one of me starting off that you can actually see me.
I'm in the purple shirt.
 A bit blurry, but it's my dad crossing the finish line.
 And me already across and trying to find some water. It was a bit warmer than I'd expected.
 Walking back to our car.
It was lots of fun.

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