Thursday, November 22, 2012

Race day

This year Dominic wanted to run the Turkey Trot with my dad and I. So I signed him up for the 1mile fun run. He started off too quickly so didn't do as well as Sunday, but he was still quick. So I was very thankful for my dad being there to run with him again.

I love his enthusiasm. If little dude would actually practice he could probably do even better.
 Coming in to the finish line.
 Every participant received an award. Dominic was less than pleased with this concept.
"You mean even the last place person got one. That's not good."
 My dad did really great this year and won first place in his age division. Unfortunately for him, he received a turkey along with his award. Probably the only vegan in the room and he wins a turkey. =)
So Jon gave it to his instructor at the Y. The guy seemed really appreciative.
I'll be posting my race info on my other blog when I get the chance. 
It's too beautiful of a day to spend it on the computer.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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