Monday, May 27, 2013

Piano Recital

Dominic had his piano recital this past weekend. 
We've talked with his piano teacher about him taking a year off. He hates to practice and it was becoming a fight. Since he loves his lessons, I didn't want to have him ending up hating piano.
But at his last lesson his piano teacher told us she is pregnant and due in January. So she plans to teach until December and then we could either find another teacher or take a break.

Dominic had initially talked about going ahead and quitting after the recital.
But then he totally surprised me. When we got home after the recital he told me that since he loved doing recitals so much that he wanted to do the last semester with his teacher as long as she had a recital in December before she quit.

Is this my child?!
 Getting an award from his teacher.
So we shall see what happens after I talk to her and she lets me know if a recital is planned in December. Crazy child did NOT get his love of performance from his mom!

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