Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thankful for angels

I've had many moments in my life that I've seen God's hand or that of an angel in my life. But once, when Dominic was little, stands out first in my mind. I've tried to find the story in the blog and I think I wrote about it on my previous blog. But God used a toy and Dominic to make me stop the car right before several cars and a semi had a mishap. We would have died or been horribly injured if not for an angel.

Today will now forever stand out in my mind as one of those times too.

We have been slowly, but surely renovating our bathroom. Our vanity cabinet was in great shape, but just not the right color (pink is not my thing). So Jon and I hoisted it up onto some saw horses and he sanded it down. Last night he sprayed the first coat of paint on it. Jon told the kids to stay completely away just in case the cabinet came off the saw horses. It would crush them.

The weather forecast said storms today, but it was hot and sunny all morning. Apparently while I was vacuuming Jon tried to call at least 4x to get me to move the vanity down onto the concrete because some major wind was on its way. But the vacuum was too loud and I kept on cleaning.
A couple of minutes later the wind hit while Caitlin was standing beside the cabinet. I know exactly where she was because when it toppled to the ground she froze and started screaming. I could hear her through the closed door and over the vacuum. It was a terrifying scream and I left the vacuum running as I ran to see what was wrong. She was frozen in fear two inches from the fallen vanity. If she'd been only a couple of inches further over it would have been a completely different story. My heart still pounds just thinking about it.

So today I'm thankful for two guardian angels who are kept very busy at our house!


richies said...

Thank God for our guardian angels!
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Sharon said...

So glad she's ok. The winds today were horrible. Our garage door is messed up from it and also the trampoline.

Beth-Anne said...

That is heart-stopping! I'm so, so thankful she is okay! And it is such a blessing to know there are angels with all our loved ones!