Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Secret Weapons

There are four wild and blood thirsty boys in my back yard. The weapons and ammunition they've accumulated is astounding.* The shrieks and blood curdling screams are enough to scare the enemy way before they could see the massive amounts of weapons. 
Caitlin is a VERY slow eater and finished long after the battle had started. So when she went out to join the boys at their game she was a bit intimidated and overwhelmed with the sheer volume and energy. She ran screaming back into the house - "I'm not playing that. I don't want to die."
But moments later she returned with her secret weapon.
"Here I come guys! I have my magic wand that makes bats. They are boy eating bats. They are going to eat you, so you'd better run!"
That's my girl!

*Don't freak out. They have some plastic silver wear that is doubling as knives and assortment of water guns, sticks, chop sticks, and gumballs.

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