Saturday, May 25, 2013

Should I be worried or proud?!

It really isn't a question. I'm immensely proud of my son. He's read all of the children's books that we have in our library (keep in mind that I have over 4000 books, one entire wall is children's books). In fact, he's read them multiple times. So today when he asked if he could pick a book out of one of the grown up sections, I said yes. I wasn't anticpating what he might encounter when I let him go pick a book out by himself.

His first choice was a Repairman Jack novel by F. Paul Wilson. This is one of my favorite authors, but NOT a book I want him reading quite yet.

His next choice was W.E.B. Griffin. This is one of Jon's favorite authors. Again, not a book for a six year old.

He finally came out with another favorite of mine, A Walk in the Woods
So now he is curled up on the couch reading and laughing. 

What am I going to do with this boy? At this rate he'll be finished with all of the books in the library by the time he graduates from grade school. Guess I'll have to go buy more books. (insert delighted glee). =)

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richies said...

When I was a kid I remember being upset that I could only check out three books at a time at the local library and that they had to be from the kids section. I read every book in the kids section of the Longmont, Colorado public library

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