Monday, May 27, 2013

Field Trip

Found this in the drafts. More behind than I thought. This happened the week school got out.

Two days ago we headed out early in the morning to Amazin' Acres for one of the best field trips of the year. 
The strawberries are probably what had it ranking so high. =)

Caitlin can always charm someone into holding her.
 Picking strawberries!
 Dominic with his strawberries waiting to enjoy a hayride on the way back to the farm.
 Caitlin adores that big brother of hers.
 Enjoying the barrel ride.
The ride is pulled by a four-wheeler. And let me tell you, the driver was one crazy lady. But the kids loved it.
 The tire swing.
Aren't these two precious?!
 They were selling rabbits. Can you imagine the response when the kids heard that.
But I was able to resist that precious face, so we came home rabbit free.
 Enjoying the days "work".
A wonderful field trip that I hope we can repeat again next year.

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richies said...

The strawberry picking reminded me of my childhood. My grandparents raised two acres of strawberries and each year when the strawberries were on we would go help them pick. I was paid 15 cents per quart I picked. I don't know how many I ate. :)
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