Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Budding photographer

The weather is beautiful after several days of rain and clouds. So I ignored the mountains of housework and Caitlin and I headed outside to take a walk. I'm participating in the Photo A Day Challenge so I took my camera with me. Caitlin wanted to take pictures too.

We had so much fun. I told her, after the first time she asked if she had to take a picture of the same thing I did, that an artist always goes with what speaks to him. So she needed to take pictures of whatever she wanted, not whatever I was taking.

I was shocked to find some really great pictures when I downloaded them to the computer after our walk. So other than the first picture of our little photographer all the pictures on this post are Caitlin's.
 All of these are pictures taken by Caitlin. She was able to focus the camera pretty well for a 4 yr old. And I loved the view from so low. Gives life a different perspective.
A self portrait

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Beth-Anne said...

I love this. It reminds me of 1000 Gifts of course :)