Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Caitlin and school

Caitlin wanted to start school so badly this year. But her birthday isn't until December so she wouldn't be old enough. She begged me to have the teachers start a pre-k. She asked if she could pretend to be 7 yrs old, like Dominic. She asked if she could do K twice, instead of once.

I felt sorry for her, but rules are rules. And she's not really ready yet. I still would have held her back another year regardless of the rules. So I told her we'd do homeschool. I bought one of those little workbooks and had her pick out some supplies. She picked out her 1st day of school outfit.
But being at home with mom also means lots of fun times. It just means those times are alone.
Because I don't work well as a princess (or so I was told by a tiny princess).
And the water was just too cold for me to join her. I was perfectly content to sit and watch.
We will have a fun school year just the two of us. 
And I will savor every moment. Because next year there will be no holding this girl back.
She's more than willing to abandon me. =)

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