Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Heart strings

My sister sent me this picture today. From the very first glance I knew it was a keeper.

I was up visiting Kami and the kids were being a bit wild in the store. We warned them of impending doom if they kept it up, but it continued. So we picked them up and deposited them in the cart.
And promptly started laughing. All three of them are impossibly big to be in the cart - but all together, it was hilarious.
My camera died before getting anything decent, so Kami rescued me and took this picture.
The second I saw it two words to describe my children came to mind - Cuddly and Crazy!*

Let me tell you about how crazy can wrap its little arms around you and melt you into an impossible puddle.
Crazy can heal your grieving heart and love you back to laughter.
Crazy makes me crazy, but happy.

I love this child!

Full of confidence and courage.
Talkative and inquisitive.
Full of energy and grossness.
Goofy and wild.
The most amazing hugs.

He melts my heart and I love my little boy!

We have a saying in our family about making someone else feel good about themselves.
We are "making their heart happy."
Dominic makes my heart happy every single day!

*I love my daughter more than life itself. But somehow this picture just stirred my heart and made me think again about how much I love my son. I'm sure some mushy post will come along about her soon enough. =)

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