Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Just saying. . .

Dominic was trying to describe a new student to me. He wasn't being descriptive enough and so I was trying to help.
"Is it the girl ahead of us in drop off today."
"No mom! That girl is a big huge teenager or something. I'm talking about a normal kid like me."
This "huge" teenager looked all of 10 or 12 and wasn't even a foot taller than Dominic.
What must he think of me?!


Every night Jon or I go into the kids bedrooms and tuck them in. We say a little prayer and then it's lights out. I've been praying for their future spouses. I'll often make it relevant to what they are experiencing. So tonight I prayed that Dominic's future wife was having a great school year.
Dominic's response - "What if she isn't in school yet?"
"Do you mean if she might be starting later in the month?"
"No. What if I marry a much younger woman?"
He was dead serious.
Heaven help me! This child is going to be the death of me!


Caitlin is so sweet and cuddly at this age. Well actually she's always been a cuddle bug. So when we are cuddling I'll tell her that I like her so much that I've decided to keep her forever.
Usually she'll giggle and say ok.
Not this last time.
"Well you are going to have to share me with Ms. Julie."
"Well I really like her and I want you and Daddy to share me with her. Okay?"

There are two people that Caitlin thinks hung the moon.
Ms. Julie and Ms. Beth-Anne.
Notice it isn't Jon or I?
But since I like them too, I'll share my cuddle bug with them.


Dominic's teacher told me a story about him. In case you haven't noticed, he has a very high self-esteem. Just ask him - he's awesome!
So today the teacher pulled each student up to the front and had the other students say nice things about them. She wrote those things on the board and then took a picture of the student with their board.
She showed me Dominic's picture. On the board were some nice and cute things. And then there was this - "He's as awesome as he thinks he is."
I died laughing. I expected it was one of the older students. But no, it was a new student. 
His reputation has spread fast. Today was only the third day of school.

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