Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sleeping Late

This morning when Jon woke me up (he leaves really early so he can ride his bicycle to work) I asked him to call me when he got to work. I was extremely tired and knew I'd fall back asleep. Quite a bit later I wake up and glance at the clock - 7:38. We leave the house at 7:40 every morning to get Dominic to school in time.

I ran into the living room to find out that Dominic had just woken up himself. We both panicked and ran around trying to throw on clothes and get stuff together. 
Thankfully we make lunches, pick out clothes, and get the back pack ready the night before. So Dominic and I got dressed and I handed Dominic an apple/oatmeal trail mix to eat in the car on the way there. We made it with time to spare. But my heart had a bit of exercise.

When we got back home, Caitlin asked if she could have the same trail mix. I got one out of the cabinet and handed it to her. I knew I'd handed her the smores one when she started getting really excited about the chocolate. Oh well!

Dominic gets back into the car after school and grabs the leftovers out of the cup holder to finish. Caitlin, in a very excited voice, asks him -
"Is that the ones with the enema in them and the tiny dried marshmallows?"
Dominic was clueless and I about died laughing.
We finally got her to pronounce M&Ms properly.

I LOVE hearing Dominic's version of school every day on the ride home. Today I told the kids we needed to pray for Ms. Beth-Anne because she might be getting a cold. 
Dominic - "No. She's fine. She would have told me if she was getting sick."
Me - "Uhm. I'm pretty sure she's not feeling 100% so we can still pray for her."
Dominic - "No. She tells me EVERYTHING about her, well almost everything. So I would know this stuff."

We still prayed for her!

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