Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Awesome Daddy!

Jon is a wonderful dad!!! He's also a wonderful husband. I have book club tonight and Caitlin would need to eat right in the middle of it. So Jon offered to feed her a bottle so I could go alone. She's a fussy little girl at times and so I was ready to take him up on the offer. Especially since I've been stuck in the house a bit more than normal w/ all of this cold weather and the recent snow we've had. So on Monday night Jon gave Caitlin her first bottle. She hates the pacifier the few times we've given it to her and so I was a little fearful that although the milk would taste the same she wouldn't even try it. But after the first funny face she made, she settled right down as if nothing was different.
Here is a cute picture of my family sleeping. Dominic was taking a nap and so Jon was trying to get our fussy girl to be quiet and I guess he went to sleep as well. She's also always spitting up so that is a towel underneath her.

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