Monday, January 26, 2009

My funny kid

Dominic is always saying funny things. It's really hard to keep a straight face when he's serious and he gets upset if you laugh.

Dominic can go potty by himself and insists on privacy. But he's not real great at wiping yet so I will leave as requested and tell him to call me when he is finished so I can wipe him. Sunday Jon kicked Dominic out of the bathroom so he could have some privacy. As Dominic was leaving he yelled "Call me when you're done, Dad." When Jon came out and told Dominic he was done Dominic said "Can I wipe your bum?"

This morning at the breakfast table Dominic and I were talking about his full name, my full name, etc. I asked Dominic how old he was and he informed me he was "16 yrs old and I'm going to drive to town today." He's been asking and asking to drive the car and our answer is always "When you are 16 yrs. old." So I guess he got tired of waiting. Poor kid!

On the way home he smashed his finger hard enough to make a blood blister. He was crying and kept saying how sad he was. After I comforted him I asked him if he was still sad. He said "No, (still crying) I'm just agarvated." (spelled like pronounced)

When I was putting Dominic down for his nap a few minutes ago he was a little weepy. I asked him what was wrong and he said he was scared for Daddy. He wanted to call Daddy at work and warn him about the motorcycle monster. Since I hadn't heard of this monster I asked a few questions. It seems that he's "just like George" except that he's silver (Jon's motorcycle is silver) and HIS name is Rachel. He lives at Daddy's work and we needed to warn Daddy when he came home. Dominic insisted that Rachel was a boy when I asked. Poor monster.

Doc and Dak (his right and left hand) still have extensive conversations. I find that my disciplining methods are talked about a lot, especially if Dominic has gotten in trouble recently. Dominic will copy my tone of voice and instructions ("go sit on your time out box") exactly. It is very enlightening as a parent to hear how a child views discipline and how he feels about me because of it. Thankfully for the most part Dominic understands why he's been punished and doesn't get upset. And so Doc and Dak don't get upset when being punished. But it's a real wake up call when I hear him in my tone of voice getting upset and realize I messed up. Sigh! Kids are our mirrors so much of the time.

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