Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Yesterday it snowed a little bit. Jon took Dominic out to play in it, but it was wet and cold and I didn't want Caitlin out while it was still snowing. So today I decided to get the kids out and take pictures of Caitlin's first snow.
She was fussy all morning while we were eating breakfast and layering up to go outside. I pulled out her snowsuit and put her into it and she promptly fell asleep. Since she hadn't had her nap I left her on the bed and went outside w/ the monitor. So while Dominic had a ton of fun, Caitlin missed the whole thing. Oh, well! She wouldn't have remembered it anyways.
As you can see, there isn't very much snow. They had predicted about 3-6 inches, but the ground was so warm that most of it melted before it could stick. It didn't really stick until last night when the weather turned colder.
By this morning it was already starting to melt. But that didn't stop Dominic from enjoying himself.
I'm not sure where Dominic learned about snow angels, but he bugged me all morning until he got outside asking if he could make snow angels. So here he is making his angel.

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