Monday, January 26, 2009


Since the more observant people are probably wondering. Yes! I've posted 3 blogs today. But Jon took Dominic to the YMCA and Caitlin and I are home alone. So the 1st one was done during nap time and I'm on the computer now instead of cleaning house. =)
These are mostly pictures of Caitlin. I love her cheeks and she looked so relaxed and wasn't crying for a change. Poor little girl is just so fussy unless she's being held. Unfortunately for her, that doesn't happen 24/7.
This is Caitlin on the way to church. I'm not a girly girl, but I keep putting her in little dresses and bows. Poor kid.
Jill had two shirts that she wanted to boys to wear to church on Sabbath. We had several visitors ask us if they were twins.
This one of both of them is cute. I was trying to get a picture of Dominic's long eyelashes right after he woke up and Caitlin kept grabbing the camera. So I put her down beside Dominic and she started crying.

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Kenji said...

I've been looking through pictures and older posts today, thank you!! I had so much fun! :) Your kids are so adorable!! Dominic has such an amazing imagination... it's awesome. :)