Friday, January 23, 2009


Yesterday on the way home Dominic told me that he "wasn't eating paper". Since I hadn't asked him I was pretty sure he was telling on himself. Sure enough I could see the half eaten paper in his hand. We had a long discussion about lying and he seemed to understand. A few minutes later he said again "Mommy, I'm not eating paper." Spit, spit. "See! It's all in my hand now. I'm not eating it." Sigh! Another talk about lying and obeying. Because he knows he's not supposed to eat paper.

We get home and I put him to bed. Every day he goes to bed with a blanket, water bottle, papis (pacifier-pronounced pappy-ees), Cuddles (the bear), and he gets to pick 2 toys. He can keep the toys as long as he doesn't play with them until after his nap. Amazingly, this works. But yesterday he was just not in the mood to fall asleep. I knew he was tired and he's required to "rest" even if he doesn't fall asleep. After 30 minutes I went in and told him that if he didn't be quiet and go to sleep I would take away his toys. A few minutes later he lost his toys and was told that if he didn't obey and be quiet that I would take away his papis. He wasn't quiet and I was on my way in to take away the pacifier when I heard him calling me. "Mommy, come take away papis. I was only pretending to obey. I'm not lying now. Here's my papis." It was so cute. He was being honest about being disobedient so I wasn't sure whether to be proud or not. =)
He finally went to sleep 2 hours after I'd put him to bed.

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