Monday, January 12, 2009

My precious kids

We take Dominic swimming at the Y several days a week. He's getting very good at holding his breath and diving under water. He'll be swimming like a fish by this summer when the top comes off the outdoor pool. We spent a large portion of last summer at the pool so I'm hoping he can swim by then.

Caitlin is being a sweetheart and only waking me up once at night now. I'm hoping she follows in her brother's footsteps and is sleeping through the night by 8 weeks. She's not sleeping very well during the day though. She fights it so badly. According to my mom, I did the same so I guess it's payback time. =)

Other than feeding her 7-8 times a day I haven't noticed very much of a change in our routine. I'm sure that once she gets older and can be more active that she'll change things, but now it's just making sure I have a few minutes to stop and feed her when we're on the go.

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