Thursday, January 8, 2009

Phone Number

Several nights a week Jon takes Dominic to the YMCA. Jon drops Dominic off in the play area and then goes to work out or play racket ball. When he's done, he picks up Dominic and they go swimming. Last night when Jon went to pick up Dominic the ladies told him that a girl had thought Dominic was cute and had given him 
her number.
When Dominic got home he proudly pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket. Sure enough, it had a name and phone number on it.
When I first had my son I knew things like this would happen, but I thought I'd have a few more years to get used to the idea. My two year old was flirting w/ a girl and got a number. I've got to wonder if he's this good now, how he'll be at 16. I think Jon is proud of him. He suggested I put Dominic's 1st phone number in his 
scrap book. =)

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Laura said...

Hilarious!!!! I can just imagine the look of pride on Jon's face.