Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Aww! Sibling love!

I got out Dominic's play mat and explained to him while I was setting it up that it used to be his when he was a baby. He didn't remember it at all, but when I put Caitlin down he crawled onto it and started "showing" and telling her all about it. He'd move the different parts and tell her how they worked.
I love this picture because he's holding her hand. They weren't paying attention to me so I was able to get a good shot w/out Dominic acting goofy for the camera.
This next picture was taken this morning when Dominic first woke up. He came into the bedroom w/ papis and blanket and climbed up onto the bed to talk to Caitlin while I made breakfast. She had been crying because I wasn't holding her and he was making funny noises to keep her amused. I have such precious children.
Dominic will copy the things that I say to Caitlin to calm her down. We call her Caitie girl sometimes and Dominic will say in this high pitch voice "It's ok Caitie girl, don't cry." And this works better for him than it does for me. As you can see in the picture she's looking at him and smiling.

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