Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Silly mommy!

This morning I asked Dominic which pair of shoes he wanted. Not sure why I even bothered. He ALWAYS wears the same pair. I guess Dominic had the same thought. "What a silly question mommy. I want my blinky shoes."

I was reflecting on how different my life is now that I have children. I wasn't the type of child that ever dreamed of having children. So when Jon informed me at 15 yrs old that he wasn't ever having children I wasn't too upset. I decided I'd rather have him than children and didn't really change my mind until 26 yrs old. It took Jon another 2 yrs. =) I'm not domestic and don't enjoy crafts, cooking, etc. Even when we planned to have kids I assumed that I'd go back to work after they were old enough for day care.
So today while I laminated the place mats we'd made the other day and thought about making banana bread for supper tonight with Dominic I realized that I'm happier now than when I was working. I LOVED my job, or so I thought. But I wouldn't go back to work if given the perfect job, because I have the perfect job now. My kids are such a blessing and I actually enjoy spending time with them. If I wasn't with them I'd miss Dominic singing at the top of his lungs and Caitlin smiling at me and "talking".

Speaking of singing - there is a song that says "Shall we go for a walk today to see what God has given us." Dominic sings it "Shall we go for a run today. . ." It sums up his life pretty well. Constant motion while into everything.

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