Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My baby is growing up

My little boy is growing up and seems a bit obsessed w/ it. He's always talking about "when I growed up" When he's all growed up he's going to work at Weyerhauser and make paper like Mr. Al (our neighbor). When he's all growed up he's going to open the oven just like Mommy. When he's all growed up and 16 he's going to drive a car. When he's all growed up he's going to use lots and lots of knives.

He knows that Jon "makes washing machines" (We weren't sure how to explain an engineer to him.) so a few days ago he was talking about Daddy and asked if we were going to drive by Bocsh. He said when he was all growed up he was going to work at Bosch. So I asked him what he was going to do at work and he informed me that when he's all growed up he's going to be a Daddy and go to work and make a swingset for his little Dominic. I guess I'm going to have a grandson. =)

Dominic has a "cheese" smile that he always puts on for the camera. If I want a normal shot I have to keep taking pictures after he thinks I'm finished. This is the cheese shot.
These next two pictures are the "normal" ones. My son is wide-open, full steam ahead. He's rarely still and is so full of life. I love watching him figure life out. Although sometimes he's moving so fast that it takes a few minutes to sink in.
Every once in a while he'll slow down. We were in a hurry to go yesterday and I was rushing trying to put his shoes on. He said "Mommy lets not hurry this morning. I want to go slow." Since this is so rare, I took my time putting his shoes on and we tried to be VERY slow. I opened the door and the moment was lost as he flew into the garage. Sigh! At least it was for a few minutes.I've been a little lost as to how to make Friday nights special so that Dominic knows it is Sabbath. He could care less about food. He has favorites, but will go w/out food if something more interesting is happening. So a special supper was out. I decided to make "story time" (worship) really long. He LOVES to read books and so we'll get a huge pile of books and read for ever. He usually only gets one story before bed so this makes the evening special.
Last Friday we found some old blankets and made a tent over the chairs and read under the blankets. Jon and I had to take turns since the space was small and we were getting leg cramps. He loved it so much that the tent is a semi-permanent thing in our living room now.

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