Saturday, February 21, 2009


Dominic must have an explanation for everything. If he doesn't understand a word he'll ask me what it means and then try and use it.
When we were eating yesterday Dominic kept touching his shoes and he was eating with his hands. I told him not to touch his shoes because he was getting germs on his hands. Of course, he asked me why and I explained that germs made him sick. He looked at his hands and said
"Mommy, I don't see any germs." So I told him that germs were invisible.
"Mommy, what does invisibo mean?"
"It means you can't see them." He thought about that for a moment and then shut his eyes.
"Wook Mommy, I'm invisibo!"

My dad heard that I was thinking of having a garden this spring for Dominic. So he sent me the hugest box of seeds. So now it's a fact. I'll be having a garden. I used to hate weeding my mom's garden when I was a kid, but I'm really looking forward to this. Dominic loves playing in the dirt in my neighbor's garden and he likes eating the vegies straight off the plants. So this should be really fun for him. My neighbor is going to come over and plow me a little patch. Then it should be fun trying to get the seeds into the ground with Dominic's help.

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