Friday, February 6, 2009

Hurry to have fun.

I'm the type of person that thrives on dead lines. It's sometimes the only way that I get things done. I have lists and goals and everything has it's place. Just ask my poor family. Sometimes I get so caught up in rushing to have fun that I forget that to a 2 yr old life is all about the journey and not about the end result. This morning I was so proud of myself because we were going to be on time getting out the door to go to story time at the library. I hadn't had to rush even one time. As we were going down the stairs - coats and shoes on, Dominic announces that he has to go poop. So back up the stairs we go. And if you have a child you will know that you can't rush pooping. Fifteen minutes later he was still talking to himself and playing w/ the toilet paper. Needless to say we missed story time. But since Dominic didn't know what today was, he was very unconcerned. We went to the lending library instead and he had a wonderful time playing w/ the Thomas the Train. In fact, I was able to sit in a comfortable chair and feed Caitlin while I watched him and he was able to run around instead of sit and be quiet while someone read to him. It really got me to thinking about how much of my rushing is for me and how much is for Dominic. He had a wonderful day and told me so in detail on the way home, as if I hadn't been right there playing w/ him while Caitlin slept. =)

Dominic is learning that the English language is full of adjectives. There are lots of names for things that all mean the same. A couple of days ago he was spitting all over my nice clean sink and I muttered about how he was getting ready to frustrate his mother. He turned to me and asked in an awed voice "Mommy, are you my mother?" When I told him yes, he said "Oh wow, that's clever."

Little boys get the greatest pleasure out of the grossest things. Dominic knows he's not supposed to spit in the house. So today while he's peeing he asked if he could spit in the toilet.
"Yes, I suppose, Dominic"
"Oh, wow! Thanks, Mom. That be fun"
He then proceeded to have the time of his life spitting in the toilet and giggling.

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