Thursday, February 26, 2009


We were at the lending library killing time before we met Jon for lunch when Dominic scratched his finger. It was very small, but he was tired and acted like he might cry so I offered him a band-aid.
We went to the car and while I was searching for a band-aid I heard Doc and Dak talking.
Doc "What happened to your finger?"
Dak "I cut it and it hurts."
Doc "Do you want me to kiss it?"
Dak "Ok!"
Kissing sounds
Dak "Thanks. Now I can wait for my band-aid."
I had already kissed it, but I guess it just wasn't enough.
Of course I couldn't find a rainbow or character band-aid anywhere in the car so he had to settle for a plain one. He proudly showed Jon his owie and band-aid at lunch. When he was holding my hand as we left lunch he realized that I had a band-aid on my finger as well. It was all he talked about the whole way home.

Today he dropped a metal Thomas train on his foot. It was hard enough to leave a mark on his toe nail, so I knew it must have really hurt. He rarely cries unless he's tired. So if he does it must be painful. I couldn't calm him down and he kept holding his foot. So I offered to get a band-aid. Amazing what a tiny little band-aid w/ a picture will do for a child. He calmed right down and although he's now walking funny he isn't crying.

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