Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random pictures

Dominic wanted me to help him "fix" his bike this morning. This bike has been through several owners and it probably does need help. But it works great and Dominic rides it all over the house. Not sure why he felt the need to wear the hard hat. =)

On Sunday we piled all of the dirty clothes by the gate ready to sort and take down stairs to the laundry. Dominic jumped in the pile and wanted to be buried. He'd poke his head out every once in a while and tell us to "ask where's Dominic."
This morning we were running from one end of the house to the other because the monsters were chasing us. I decided to make use of the time and got out my weights. Dominic didn't want to be left out of exercising and got 2 tv remotes and walked beside me. It was so cute. Of course, as soon as I stopped walking to get the camera he put them down.
I was exhausted and plopped myself on the couch w/ a water bottle. Dominic ran and got his water bottle and hit it against mine. "Cheers! Mom!" and then started drinking. Now where in the world did he learn that?

Sabbath morning my entire family was asleep and I couldn't get them to wake up. So I started taking pictures hoping the flash would move them. It didn't but I love this picture of Jon and Caitlin sleeping in the same position. I'd fed Caitlin and was changing her when I realized I didn't have anything to put back on her. So I put her in our bed and pulled up the covers while I went to get some more clothes. When I came back she was asleep like this.
This next picture is so cute. Dominic is playing the guitar while we sing. We sing every night for worship and he wanted to take a turn at playing. He's pretty good at strumming. If you look closely you can see Caitlin sucking her thumb in the back ground.
All attempts at getting her to take a pacifier are in vain. She loves her thumb and has sucked it so much there's a little blister on it. I was hoping she'd take a pacifier so I could take it away from her when I was ready to wean her from it. It's kind of hard to take a thumb away. But kids never do what you want, so she's a thumb sucker. Sigh!

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