Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My kids

Caitlin is getting so much better at holding her head up and paying attention to the world around her. Dominic continues to be her favorite form of entertainment. She'd much rather watch him than play w/ a toy or be w/ her parents. This is, of course, great when I'm busy and she starts getting annoyed because she's being ignored. I can tell that Dominic is growing up, but the changes aren't as noticeable now as they were before. But w/ Caitlin I can see things almost every day.
I went in to check on her during her nap this morning and was amazed again at how much she looks like my mom. People always comment about how much Caitlin looks like me. But I think she looks like my mom. Her eyes are very much Mom's and her hair is the same color. Dominic has the same hair color as Jon, but his eye lashes are dark so I'm guessing it will get darker. Also his eyes are the same hazel color of my brother. His expressions and mannerisms remind me of my Grandpa Gadd. Isn't it amazing how our genes play around w/ our kid's looks?

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