Friday, March 27, 2009

My birthday/Cake

My birthday was very nice. Jon got me some movies and cds that I'd been wanting for a long time. Dominic informed me while we were getting ready for the day that I was so beautiful. =) And a friend gave me a gift certificate to Play Date so I could have some "me" time. Jon also took me out to eat so I wouldn't have to cook.
A few days before my birthday I went to the store and Dominic asked if he could help make my birthday cake. I hadn't intended to get one but changed my mind and had him help me pick out a mix and some frosting. I came home w/ funfetti cake mix, white frosting w/ sprinkles and pink icing for writing. Not what I would have chosen, but it wasn't really for me.
I had made a strawberry cheesecake layered dessert the day before and didn't really want to have 2 desserts in the house so we made the cake this afternoon. Dominic wanted cupcakes and I figured it would be easier to control his portion that way.
I told him not to eat the batter because of the eggs and he only had one little taste about 30 minutes later. He "forgotted". When they were cool we frosted them.

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