Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sweet boy and mean mom!

I'm the world's meanest mom. I think today my son might agree. He was in my bedroom playing near the monitor. We've just recently started using it again since Caitlin is now in the kids room. I saw Dominic there and had to go into their bedroom to put away some clothes so I crept up to the monitor and growled. I heard a shriek and Dominic came running to get me. His eyes were huge and he said
"Mom, there's a monster in your bedroom and he's REAL! I heard him growl." I was laughing so hard I cried. He wouldn't go into the bedroom and so he pushed me in to show me where he was hiding.
I spent the next 30 minutes explaining and showing him how the monitors worked. Poor kid!

It seems that I was paid back a few minutes later. You'd think I'd learn not to frighten my kid, but only minutes later I was sitting on the floor and scared Dominic as he came around the corner. He squealed and arms flying hit me in the forehead. I groaned and grabbed my head. Dominic told me it would be ok and disappeared. I heard a crash from the bathroom and went to investigate. He was getting the medicine box out of the cabinet and had knocked some things over. He very carefully opened the box and got out a Dora band-aid and stuck it on my forehead. It was precious. I have the sweetest little boy!!!
I was taking pictures of him and he asked me to take a picture of my band-aid. Not sure if you can see from the picture, but my hair is a bit wild. I had been wearing a pony tail and Dominic took the holder out and "fixed" my hair so it was pretty. =) He sure doesn't like pony tails.
Dominic picks out his clothes every day. He will get one piece at a time and come stand beside me as he puts it on in case he needs help. Then he'll ride his bike back into his bedroom to get another piece. As you can imagine this takes some time and leads to some interesting combinations. This morning he somehow got into the clothes that were a bit big and so we had to put a belt on him to hold the pants up. So he needed help every time he went potty. I was standing behind him while he went today and he said
"Go please mommy, I want to be in privie-sing."
I left!

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