Sunday, March 15, 2009

Playing work

Dominic is really into playing "work". On Friday we played work all day. Dominic would start in the kitchen and get ready for work. He'd put his crocs, jacket, knee and elbow pads, helmet and backpack on. Then he'd get on his motorcycle (bike) and ride to work (living room). When he got to Bosch he'd get his tools out of the toy basket and we'd make washing machines and work on our house and the "motorcycle." Then he'd put everything back on again and ride back home to the kitchen. It was so cute. Yesterday he asked Jon to play with him and I thought they'd play work, but Dominic wanted to play Y (YMCA). So he went into the bedroom and put on his swim shorts and his crocs. He then pretended to swim and play racketball and basketball w/ Jon. He stays in the child care while Jon plays racketball and then Jon takes him swimming. The two girls that watch him are really sweet and seem to think Dominic is a cutie. Dominic calls them "the girls". He knows their names, but doesn't seem to ever call them by name. So yesterday he also played w/ "the girls".

Yesterday we went to a friend's house so we could practice some singing for a talent show that is coming up. Dominic will be singing "You Are My Sunshine". They had taken a door off of their bedroom so they could get a piece of furniture in and hadn't replaced it. Dominic grabbed the door and it fell over on top of him. I panicked, but he only bruised his arm and after a band-aid quit crying and went back to play. The resiliency of children is amazing.

There were a couple of girls there with their dolls. They were playing with Dominic and wanted him to hold the doll and play pretend with them. Dominic pulled up his shirt and tried to breastfeed the doll and embarrassed the poor little girl to death. =) She took her doll back and decided to read to Dominic instead.

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