Friday, March 6, 2009


Today I was watching a friend's kids. While the girls were sleeping the boys were playing on the couch. I went to check on Caitlin and when I came back I saw both boys completely naked laying on the floor and couch, arms flailing. "Look Mom, we're swimming." More like skinny dipping! I made them put their clothes back on. When my friend returned from her appt. I was telling her about it. We noticed that they were quiet and went to check on them. They were "swimming" again, both naked.
The weather is beautiful (mid 70s) so we went to the park for a picnic. There is a huge volley ball court there w/ sand. I'm changing Caitlin and I look over to see Dominic pulling off his underwear w/ his friend following his example. Sigh! I couldn't seem to keep his clothes on him today. The pants didn't fit well and maybe that's why?!?

Dominic is always jumping. He loves to jump off the couch and today he landed wrong on his big toe. I knew he was hurting pretty badly. He kept holding his foot and wouldn't even be consoled w/ a band-aid. It swelled up a little and now 8 hrs later he's still limping, but we don't think it's broken. I'm sure it is just one of many injuries we'll be dealing w/ in the future.

Dominic was having a rough morning. Between being tired (I wore him out at the park) and still in pain w/ his foot he couldn't seem to obey. I put him in the tub to remove all of the sand since he'd rolled in it naked before I could get to him. I was telling him that it made me very sad to have to spank him. It hurt my feelings and made me sad. So could he please obey so that I didn't have to punish him. He looked at me and said "Well it hurts my bum when you spank." Uh! Yea! Guess he didn't get the point. Although when it was time to get out of the tub he obeyed immediately. I was so proud of him.

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