Friday, March 20, 2009

Guard kitty.

Several months ago we put in a cat door and let our inside cat out into the great out of doors. He doesn't have front claws and we were a little worried about him, but it was getting so hard to keep him inside. We put him into the garage at night and he can come and go outside all he wants. He's a much happier cat. If you've read my previous blogs you know that we live in the country and have a bit of a dog problem. Well, yesterday was beautiful weather and I had the windows open. I heard two dogs start barking that bark that means they've found something to chase. I knew it was Tolkien. I ran to the window planning to yell at them and I saw Tolkie all puffed up. Those dogs got close and he flew at them. One was a lab mix and the other was a medium sized mutt. He attacked the smaller one full force and those poor dogs took off at full speed w/ their tails between their legs. I guess Tolkie had finally gotten enough and decided to defend his home. I told him what a brave kitty he was and he actually strutted around like he was proud of himself. So now we have a guard kitty!

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