Monday, March 9, 2009

Our new couches

Several of our friends and family asked that I post a picture of our new furniture. We had bought a couch and love seat back when we were in college. After 3 moves, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 kids, my brother and an exchange student, all of whom abused our furniture, it was time for some new ones. I was being a bit stingy and didn't want to use our money for furniture. I kept telling Jon that we could put a blanket over the cracks in the seat and no one would know. Have you ever tried to keep a blanket on a couch w/ a 2 year old? It can't be done. The stuffing was coming out of the couch when I finally broke down and told Jon we should go shopping. We went that night! =) Jon and I have very similar tastes until it comes to furniture so I'm amazed we found something that we both like. The 1st place that we went had this set but we didn't want to buy the 1st thing we saw. Went to the 2nd store and they had this couch and recliner for a ton less and gave us a coupon as well. So now Jon has the recliner that he's been wanting for ever. It's also a rocker so I'm happy.These couches have leather bottoms and the light color is the micro fiber suede stuff that is supposedly really stain resistant. So we shall see how it holds up w/ my kids.
I got this adorable picture of my men right before church on Sabbath. Since they are sitting on the couch I thought I'd put it in here.
I had forgotten how we need to prepare Dominic for any changes that happen. If prepared ahead he can handle anything. So on Thursday morning when he came out to find no couch in the living room he was a bit unnerved. I explained that Daddy had taken the old couch away and was getting us a new one. So that evening when Jon came home w/ the new furniture Dominic was all excited. "Oh wow Daddy, what a cute couch!" For the past couple of days he's come out of his room and looked at the couch - "Oh, there's the cute couch that Daddy got us."

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