Thursday, February 19, 2009

Country living

One of the "joys" of living in the country is no leash laws. Most of my neighbors keep their pets contained by regular or invisible fences. But there is a pack of dogs that roams around tearing up trash and destroying property. A couple of months ago they charged a family member and have tried to pull my cat out of his kitty door. So we called animal control to find out what we could do and they came out this morning to set traps (large cages). She said to call if we caught anything before 4pm otherwise it would be the next morning when she came to check the traps.
Wouldn't you know that at 4:32 we caught a puppy. The trap is large enough to catch a small bear, but this dog has been howling ever since he got caught. So now we have to spend the night listening to a puppy whine and howl. Sigh! This isn't even one of the regular pack members. They have been sitting beside the cage from time to time either comforting or taunting him. I haven't figured out which. Dominic has a clear view from the window and has been enjoying the show. So I guess that's something. =)

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