Saturday, February 14, 2009

My cute kids

Friday we were at Walmart and I had put Dominic in the cart w/ a book because I was in a hurry. I usually let him run around the cart and "help" me shop. Caitlin was in her car seat which was resting on the cart. It actually locks onto the shopping cart which is convenient.
An elderly lady came up behind me and said "Oh, how beautiful. It must be a girl because no boy baby could be that beautiful."
"It is a girl, isn't it." I laughed and assured her that Caitlin was a girl. Then she walked around the side of the cart and saw Dominic sitting there.
"Oh, I'm wrong! He's gorgeous too."
Dominic looked up at her and said "No, I'm not. I'm handsome!"

Whenever Dominic is tired and is crying I'll ask him why he's so sad. His answer when he doesn't really know is "It's because I lost my friends."
Caitlin was crying on the way home and I asked Dominic if she was crying because the sun was in her eyes. He said "No Mommy, she's crying because she lost her little tiny friends."

Jon is playing the guitar while I type. He was driving by a yard sale this week and saw the guitar laying there. He'd been wanting to get another one so he stopped.(He'd had one years ago and sold it to my mom.) The guy sold it to him for $45. We felt like this was a great deal, but didn't realize how good until Jon went to the music store to pick up a tuner. They had the same ones there for $400. We looked online for a used one and the cheapest was $200. So I guess he got a better deal then we'd first thought. It's a nice guitar and I've enjoyed listening to Jon play it this week.

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