Monday, February 23, 2009

Silly boys & crying babies

Dominic was "helping" us with the laundry. He had gotten his pillow dirty and we'd washed it w/ the laundry. When he saw it in the laundry basket he crawled in and wanted us to bury him in laundry.
I made this pillow to fill the gap between his toddler bed and the wall. I'm not the world's greatest seamstress and was too lazy to get out the sewing machine or a different color of thread. But Dominic didn't notice the poor job and loves playing w/ the pillow.
Today I had put Caitlin down for her nap. She fights sleep and was crying pretty hard. Dominic was playing with the cans in the cabinet right outside the bedroom. Doc and Dak (his hands - see previous blog) started a conversation.
Doc "Caitlin is crying woud."
Dak "Yeah, babies cry awot."
Doc "Yeah man. I know. She's woud"
Dak "It's ok, she's just being a fussy girw."
Then he resumed stacking and destroying the cans.
He's always telling Jon and I what to say. "Mommy, say where's Dominic." "Daddy, say Dominic come here." "Mommy, say what are you doing?" When we say this he'll then reply and finish the conversation. Sometimes we don't reply the correct way and he'll tell us what to say again. Whole conversations will go this way.

One of his favorite games is to guess where we are going on the way to town, even though he's been told. For instance, we're going to the park.
"Mommy, where are we going?"
"We're going to Wal-mart"
"No siwwy, wiwwy (silly willy). We're going to the park"
"Mommy, where are we going?"
"We're going to the park."
"No, Mommy, say the bank."
"We're going to the bank."
"No siwwy, wiwwy, we're going to the park"
"Mommy, where are we going?"
This can continue for the 20 some minutes it takes to get there.

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Laurel said...

Ya gotta love 'em!! They keep us smiling!