Friday, July 10, 2009


Dominic told Caitlin and I to be "the church" and had us sit on the living room floor. He then grabbed his plastic wrench and proceeded to sing a made up song. Half way through he stopped and told me "Say Amen, mom." I did and he finished the song. "Okay, now say Amen and clap." I did and he sat down and told us it was our turn.

Dominic is growing again and needed new underwear. I let him pick out what he wanted. So today he had to show several of our friends his new underwear. Just wished he hadn't mooned everyone in the process because he pulled his underwear down with his shorts. =)

These pictures are from our video camera. We can't decide which camera we want. A friend has a camera with several cool features that I'd love to have. But there's another camera that has a newer processor and we tried it at the store and it takes amazingly fast photos, which is great with kids. Oh, the dilemma!
Dominic loves goggles and is always begging to get some. So Jon finally took him to the store and let him pick out a pair. They stopped at Food Lion after ward and Dominic wore them into the store. He'll wear them all over the house and the whole time at the pool.
Dominic and I had been building a house and when we were finished we put all the tools back into the case. But I didn't latch it and Caitlin rolled over and opened it. She loved all the different colors and shapes. She played for about an hour before she started getting tired and ready for a nap.Playing with Thomas!

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